Sunday, March 13, 2016

Welcome to Retro Realty!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! My name is Thana and I'm a real estate agent working in and around Seattle, WA. I absolutely love the 1950s, especially the architecture, so I specialize in selling and preserving Mid Century homes in Washington state. 

The purpose of this blog is to not only give buyers and sellers information on finding the Mid Century homes of their dreams, but also to give you information on how to transform your home back to all it's retro glory and even tips on living a Mid Century lifestyle in our modern world. That means trying fun retro recipes (don't worry, I only post the tasty ones) retro holiday crafting, fun activities for kids, and a lot more!

Some people ask me "Why do you have all this non-real estate information on your real estate blog?" Well that's simple, I believe in making a house a home! Purchasing a property is only the first step of home ownership, and in my experience those who are interested in purchasing a Mid Century home are often also interested in a Mid Century lifestyle. I don't believe my job ends when I hand my clients their keys, I want to be there for them as they continue the process of making their new house a home. 

I try to update my blog as often as I can, but sometimes my work schedule does not allow it. If you notice there haven't been any new posts in awhile don't worry, I have not abandoned it! I will return on my downtime. 

I hope you enjoy your visit here, and please feel free to share your thoughts on my posts, or your suggestions for new ones!  

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