Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Step Eight - Close the Deal

"Closing" refers to transferring ownership of the house from you to the buyer. Traditionally everyone, the buyer and their agent, the seller and their agent, and the escrow officer would all come together to go over paperwork. Once everyone agreed with the numbers they would sign, the buyer would pay their closing costs, and the keys would be handed over. 

While that may still happen today, it can also go quite differently. New technology allows buyers and sellers to sign remotely or with Esignatures. Your agent can go over all final costs with you and once you're ready you can sign wherever is most convenient for you. 

To be helpful to the new buyer you can prepare a "to do" list for them which includes reminders to switch all utilities into their name. It's also a good idea to gather all warranties and maintenance manuals for the home appliances and leave them in an easy to find place. 

Before you leave your home for the last time gather all your house keys, including any copies, and leave them inside the house for the new owners. The buyer's agent will be able to let them in by removing the showing key from the keybox, which will also be given to them. 

Remember, this is just a couple of ways closing may happen. How your agent manages closing will depend on whether they prefer to do things the traditional way or with a more modern flair. 

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