Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Long Time No See

Long Time, No See

The other day, while day dreaming about what I wanted to do this summer, it occurred to me that I haven't updated this blog in awhile. I have now come to realize I have not updated this blog in a YEAR. What have I been doing for an entire year that would cause me to completely forget about updating my blog?

For starters, we added a new addition to our family, a baby girl born last November. There's nothing like a pregnancy and a newborn to put a damper on one's blogging schedule. 

Around the same time our baby was born, our beloved dog was diagnosed with bone cancer, again. His illness was long and hard on everyone and he eventually succumbed to it on May 17th. Losing him has been hard on our entire family, but it was particularly devastating to me as he's been my constant companion for the past decade.   

As I work through my grief I'm focusing on the positive and looking ahead to all the changes about to happen in my life. My daughter is 6 months old now and become more independent every day, leaving me more time to focus on my work. 

Speaking of work, starting in June I will have a new agent joining me in a partnership. Retro Realty will still serve all your Mid Century housing needs in and around the Seattle area, but we will also be servicing anyone who prefers newer construction!

I will also continue to write posts on new recipes to try, home maintenance tips, and local activities for you and your family. 

I appreciate everyone who has stuck with me through this extended hiatus and look forward to moving this blog along with all of you!

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